BMW 502


This BMW 502 from the 50’s has a V8 2,6 liter engine. The car is fully restored.

Chevrolet 3100 Pick-Up

This from Amerika imported truck of the fifty's, desperatly needed some attention.

Steering wheel renovation

This Ford Thunderbird had some cracks near the spokes.

Restoration of a Jeep

This Jeep was in the early 1970 used by the swis army. A Kaiser Willy's Jeep.

Repair becomes Restoration

This Ford Mustang was imported from Amerika and looked rather nice. Until it did not pas the inspection.

Restoring a Fiat 500

This is not just a 500 model but a Giardiniera model with suicide doors of around 1970. You do see these cars around much.

On this car we performed a few repairs. It was completely rebuild by the previous owner. The current owner somtimes drives arround in this car.
It has a flat head V8 engine which is well maintained.
It is one of a few driving arround in Belgium if not the only one.
This car is a Champion of the 1950's. It has a six cylinder inline engine.
On this car we made some inprovements and repairs .
Like the vacuum opperated wiper motor.
And the hings of the passenger door.