With this a short biography of what I find important in my life.

May 1961 I was born in Hasselt and grew up in Stevoort. Where I went to school in my first years. From the 4th grade I was sent to boarding school in Tienen. Those were not the funniest years.

From the sixth grade I wanted to work in a garage. When the time had come to go to the higher school, I first did 3 years of Humaniora. The last year I had to do twice.

Then I could choose a technical direction. Auto Mechanics was my first choice, but since they do not give that direction in Herk-de-Stad it has become Electrical Mechanics. Once I graduated, I started working in my parents' company as a repairer for grass and horticultural machines.

After the bankruptcy I have been jobless for some time . In July 1983 I started working at Keramo. The department where I worked there has often changed the Company name. The location where I work has remained the same to date. The work I do here has not changed much in all those years. I started as a construction mechanic welder and today we do more repair and maintenance of the machines and welder.

After work I have been busy with cars for a long time. For friends and customers. With a period of Computer repairer and rose grower in between, I have now come back with my old love.

Car restoration, bringing old cars back to life is my passion.