Barrel treading


We have the machines thread the barrel for this CZ for a Compensator.

We’ve taken the action and barrel apart and mounted it in a lathe to tread the barrel and we timed the thread so when dismounting the compensator it can always be mounted again in relation to the center of the barrel.

Then everything was assembled again and handed over to the customer. The action and barrel coating was not harmed in any way.

Repair Diana 50


This is a Diana 50 Air rifle in caliber 4,5 mm with a few shortcomings which we toke care of.

Mauser 66 mounting a scope.


For special guns it is possible to find parts online. If they fit? You never know.

Stevens shotgun repair


This Side by side was deliverd to us in a paper bag.

Italian Shotgun


Some repairs were done to this shotgun. It is a caliber 12 Over under made in Italy. Maker is unknown to us.

New Grip panels

For this FN 1910/22 we made some new grip panels. The wood used is some kind of root wood we had laying arround. We made them a little bit fatter as the original ones to gife a better grip on the pistol. We finisch the prips with oil in a satin finish.

This is one of the Things we are able to do.