Rosa Virga Jesse

Variety name: Oryken
Year of introduction: 2009
Classification: Shrub
Color: Wit creme
Parfume: Slight

Diameter: 4cm
Shape: +30 petals
Flowering period: Repears flowering throughout the season.
H x W: 50cm x
Resistance : Strong (Sensitive for moist places)
Place: Zon
Frost resistant: -25

This rose is created by Orye Jozef in 1997 under the number 97055
It blooms repeatedly with flowers 4 cm with a white creamy colour which blooms to white at the end. The flowers have to 60 petals and has a nice perfume.
Thanks to its resistance against diseases it is easy to maintain.
It can be used in borders as solitaire and even in pot on a terrace.
This rose was named after the Virga Jesse Feesten which take place in 2010

Plant it on dry locations, It really can't stand the rain.