Rosa Rose of Hope

Variety name: Oryzee
Year of introduction: 2000
Palmares: 1e price in Paris (France) 2000. 
Certificat of Recommandation 2011 The Hague

Classification: Moshata Hybrid
Color: Geel roze
Parfume : Strong
Diameter: 5cm
Shape: 8-30 petals
Flowering period: Repears flowering throughout the season.
H x W: 80 cm x 70cm
Resistance: Very Strong
Place: Zon
Frost resistant: -25

A beauty of a rose. The colors of the flowers vary from pink to white, but by the strong yellow stamens seems that they even color orange.
The flowers have a very strong smell  carried far by the wind.
If you prune the plants every year short,  they will not be much higher than 80 cm. If you have use little pruning the plants can be up to 1m50 high, they are also suitable for all purposes.