Rosa Terra Limburgia

Variety name: Oryblue
Synonym: Limburgsland
Year of introduction: 2007
Classification: Floribunda

Color: Licht paars-grijs
Parfume : Moderate
Diameter: 8 cm
Shape: 8-30 petals
Flowering period: Repears flowering throughout the season..-
H x W: 80 cm x
Resistance : Moderate
Place: Zon
Frost resistant: -20

This rose Limburgsland baptized following the 10th anniversary of the same program on the radio station in L1 Dutch Limburg.
She was nominated to symbolize for both Limburg in Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore she was baptized by Steve Stevaert , Governor of Limburg at that time, and Mrs. Wolfs Odille, Dutch commissioner of Limburg at that time.
The rose blooms profusely with clusters of flowers with a purple-blue to old-pink looking color. They bloom repeatedly during the season.
This plant does well in pots, making it suitable for use on balconies and terraces. During the winter make the necessary winter protection.