Rosa Fairy Pink

Variety name: Oryrob
Synonym: Robusta
Year of introduction: 2003
Palmares: 1e price in Lyon (France)
Classification: Shrub

Color: Roze
Parfume : Light
Diameter: 3cm
Shape: 8-30 petals
Flowering period: Repears flowering throughout the season.
H x W: 60cm x 60cm
Resistance : Very strong
Place: zon
Frost resistant: -20

This Pink Fairy (Robusta) kan be used as a ground cover. The plant grows as wide os high and blooms trougout the season.
The flowers are small ( 2 cm in diameter) and are half double. The Bloom open after which you can see the stamens.
This rose is ideal in borders at the front where they can catch the eye of the spectator.
The name was given after its color (pink) and the strenght that the plant has (Robusta).