Rosa Fading Sun

Variety name: Ory051
Year of introduction: 2010
Palmares: Gold Medal Kortrijk (2010)
Classification: Floribunda
Color: Yellow

Parfume: Good
Diameter: 6 cm
Shape: +30 petals
Flowering period: Repears flowering throughout the season.
H x W: 80 cm
Resistance: Very strong
Place: Sun
Frost resistant: -25

This is a special rose. The flowers grow in bunches of 20 and more on sturdy stems. They open golden yellow and then fade to a cream color with a green undertone and a pleasant fragrance. The flowers hold long. Removing dead flowers promote next flowering. The plant has a nice green leaf, the foliage is transparent and makes the plant suitable for use among low vegetation. It took a long time to find a suitable name, it refers in part to the fading of the yellow color. But for me, they indicate the transient nature of us as humans and it symbolizes the fading of the memories for our loved ones that we Well hold dear.