RosaBjörn Boy

Year of introduction: 2006
Classification: Floribunda
Color: Roze
Parfume : Strong perfume
Diameter: 8 cm
Shape: +30 petals

Flowering period: Repeat flowering later in the season.
H x W: 100 x
Resistance: Can get some blackspot.
Place: Zon
Frost resistant: -20

Description: The rose got its name from a Boy who died in a tragic accident.
The flower clusters are sitting on long stems. The button are pretty thick and when they are blooming the auther petals are curling somewhat back an dis coloring to white. They form a nice bal when opening. On every stem  1 flower is opening first and the other flowers are somewhat later. This gives a nice effect, you become a round ball of flowers.
The flowers have a nice fragrance.
The flowers can be cut to put them in a vase our for in flower pieces.