Rosa Poustinia

Variety Name: ORYBIE
Clasification: Floribunda
Year of introduction: 1995
Color: White with a Salmon heart
Fragrance : Strong
Height: 90 cm

Flowering: June - Decembre
Disease resistance :Very strong
Description: This is our winner.
Healthy, vigorous grower, rebloming until December.
The rose become a sturdy plant with beautiful buds and blossoms with a salmon-colored heart, and discoloring to white to the end.
The flowers are good rainy resistant (they can show some small pink spots).
They have a good fragrance and are suitable for cutting for a vase or to incorporate into flowers pieces, they  keep 2 weeks in a vase . If you cut the flower with buds which are opening, they al will florisch in the vase.
The flower blooms so  long , that with some luck, you can put flowers on your christmas table.

For the winter, do not prune the plant, this can promote freezing of the branches.Protect the plant when it sis hard freezing. If you plant the occulation eye 5 to 6 cm below ground surface  the risk of freezing is limited.
Note that we are talking about freezing temperatures of -15 ° C and more.

Awards: 1ste Price Lyon (France)
1st Price Roeulx (Belgium) 1998
2e Price Paris (France) 1994
2e Price Monza (Italy) 2000
3e Price Czechie 2001
TOPROOS Denhaag 2007