Rosa Rose of Hope

Variety name: Oryzee
Year of introduction: 2000
Palmares: 1e price in Paris (France) 2000. 
Certificat of Recommandation 2011 The Hague

Rosa Fading Sun

Variety name: Ory051
Year of introduction: 2010
Palmares: Gold Medal Kortrijk (2010)
Classification: Floribunda
Color: Yellow

Rosa De Kring

Year of introduction: 1998
Classification: Shrub
Color: pink
Parfume : Good
Diameter: 6cm
Shape: 30 or more petals

Rosa Pink Rambler

Year of introduction: 2002
Classification: Rambler
Color: roze
Parfume : Good
Diameter: 3cm

Rosa Poustinia

Variety Name: ORYBIE
Clasification: Floribunda
Year of introduction: 1995
Color: White with a Salmon heart
Fragrance : Strong
Height: 90 cm

Rosa Ory Ora

Year of introduction: 2011
Palmares: 1st price in Kortrijk 2008
Classification: Climber
Color: Orange and yellow
Parfume : Good