Orye Jozef was born on Thursday 8 November 1934. His parents were Gerard Orye 23 November 1903 -12 February 1992 and Elvire Cosemans 16 September 1906 - 21 February 1978.

In 1935 they moved to the new home in Stevoort. Where his father had a Plant and Tree Nursery ever since.

Around 1947-48 Jef stayed at home to work in the nursery.

In 1957 he starts as an independent employee in the company of his father.

In 1960 he married Paula Creemers and in 1961 their first son was born. A few houses of the parental house were built a new house where they had been housed since 1963.

In 1965, the acquisition of the parental company became a fact. Under my father's guidance, the company continued to grow and in 1975 the new company in Kuringen was opened. Garden center Orye was a fact.

But in 1981 after having done everything possible, a bankruptcy followed. For the first time, my Jef had to work for a boss to earn money for his family. However, this was nothing for him and in February 1982 the Groencentrum Orye started.

His love for plants and after many wanderings and trials he started in 1987 with the crossing of Roses. Already in 1995 the first success followed. The rose Poustinia was held above the font. After this rose, many other roses followed, but none with the overwhelming success as the Poustinia.

In 2001 a name change to Rozencentrum Orye followed. From then on, more emphasis was placed on the sale of roses.

In 2002 the first website was made by me. This was also maintained by me and I was responsible for the Administration within the company after my mother retired.

In 2005 the company was closed for health reasons and there was a provisional end to the beautiful story.

My father died on Saturday, February 23, 2008.