Diana 25

This carbine belonged to my grandfather and came in possession in a terrible state. Years is was neglected in a barn exposed to moist and bugs.

It is with this carbine that I learned to shoot a rifle in the orchard of my grandfather. He lived in the house next to us. That was more then 40 years ago. A few years back I asked my aunt where it was and it was given to me.

Bach then I already had taken it apart and the wood was treated against woodworm. But then I had no time and it ended up on a shelf.
The Corona pandemic gave me more time and I once more tackled the job.

The metal was treated against rust but in a way so you can still see the traces of the hard time it had.
The wood showed no more traces of woodworm and I started applying epoxy resin making sure that al the holes were filled. It took several layers before I could sand for the first time. And then more layers were added followed by more sanding.
After the final sanding it was coated with a urethane clear.
As a result you can still see the where the woodworm ate trough the stock.

So it was time to assemble the gun again. The barrel had some rust on the inside and it was removed by using brushes and penetrating oil. The result was good.  A new spring was mounted .

Then we made a silicone plug in red for the but of the stock. A hole was drilled and the plug installed.

When the gun was ready we did some test firing and it gave us an good result I,m happy again.

Let me know what you think of it.