In June 1989 I started this company at a parttime basis.

We bought and sold used cars. We did the maintenance and bodywork for these cars and for our customers.  At the time were localised in Alken.

A few years later we aded Airbrush paintwork. Many cars and bikes were painted. and in 1995 we added repairing and selling motorbikes.

At March 2000 due to medical conditions and a move to an other location we stopped with this company.

For me it's hard to sit still and do nothing and in oktober 2004 I started an other company repairing and selling computers and laptops in a village called Kermt.

In 2007 we started with the rose nursery in Stevoort. A year later we moved to that location and after a while the computer business was stopped.
Growing roses is however a heavy Job. And so it happened that I injured my back. This was the reasos we had to close the shop. A hard desicion.

I still have my parttime job and we did several different jobs for other businesses. Latly it's however back to my roots. We started restoring oldtimers.