Restoration of a belgian Blackpowder rifle.

This is a Belgian made rifle in caliber 9.6 mm. As vissible on the barrel

by the proofmarks. We have no sertanty of the year of production, we think it might be made arround 1890.


It was i a really bad shape when we got it. Rust and parts were felling off.

We started by disassembling the rifle taking care to not break any parts.
The metal parts were then conserved so it would not rust any futther.

The stock sfowed a repaired break, We broeke it again by applying some force. The old glue was removed a holes were drilled across the break for a steel bar. It all was glued with some epoxy resin. When thsi was dry and hard we had a solid stock that could withstand some action. The Stocke was repairde and sandedn and a new oiling was applyed.

Some new patrs that were not present were made. Then the rifle was assembled. 

Man what a rifle this is.

On the barrel is a inlay in gold? stating " Dubois HGM A Ransart". We know that Ransart is a small Village i Begium. But Dubois is a mistery to us. If you have any information about this rifle or the inlay do noot hesitate to contact us.