FAS CF603 Target Pistool

Onderdelen Fas CF603 Target Pistool

For the FAS CF603 Target Pistol we have several parts available. In the photo above you can see witch ones are. Part s not in the picture are not available.
If you are interested in some parts let us know by using this contact form.
Parts for witch a permit is required can be installed by us if you have the necessary permits and paperwork.

Below you find a exploded view of the gun and a parts list.



Explosie tekening Fas Target pistool

nr Discription nr Discription
4 Springwasher 50 Disconnector pin
5 Takedown adjusting screw 53 Firing pin retaining pin
6 Takedown rod stop screw 101 Front sight & Allen whrench
8 Takedown lever 102 Barrel
9 Spring washer 103 Barrel weight
10 Spring washer 104 Takedown rod
12 Firing pin retaining pin 105 Slide
13 Firing pin spring 106 Extractor
17 Feeding ramp retainings screw 107 Firing pin
20 Trigger pin 108 Recoil spring
23 Disconnector nut 109 Recoil spring guide
24 Disconnector spring 110 Feeding ramp
25 Trigger take-up adjusting screw front sight retaining screw 111 Slied shock absorber
27 Rear sight elevating screw 112 Disconnector
28 Rear sight click plunger 113 Slide cover
29 Rear sight click plunger spring 115 Grip
30 Rear sight elevating screw spring 116 Magazine
31 Rear sight pin 117 Hammer assembly
33 Slide stop spring 118 Safety
34 Slide stop 119 Frame
35 Magazine catch nut 120 Slide pin
36 Magazine catch spring 121 Rear sight blade
37 Magazine catch 122 Trigger spring
38 Magazine lifter spring 123 Adjusting trigger screw
39 Grip retaining pin 124 Trigger
40 Grip retaining screw 125 Container
42 Front sigth retaining screw 126 Back shock absorber
47 Front sight & Allen whrench 127 Stud
48 Grip Allen wrench 128 Hammer assembly nut
49 Washer