Spanish Mauser Rifle

Onderdelen voor Spaans Mauser Geweer

For the Spanish Mauser Rifle we have several parts available. In the photo above you can see witch ones are. Part s not in the picture are not available.
If you are interested in some parts let us know by using this contact form.
Parts for witch a permit is required can be installed by us if you have the necessary permits and paperwork.

Below you find parts list.


nr Description nr Description
  Barrel   Front band
  Bayonet lug   Front guar screw
  Bayonet stud extention   Front sight base
  Bayonet stud extension pin   Front sight blade
  Bolt stripped   front sight screw
  Bolt sleeve   Handguard
  Bolt sleeve lock   Rear band
  Bolt sleeve lock spring   Rear band screw
  Bolt stop   Rear sight band screw
  Bolt stop cover   Rear sight hinge pin
  Bolt stop screw   Rear dight ladder
  Buttplate   Rear sight ramp
  Buttplate screw   Rear side slide
  Cocking piece   Recoil lug
  Ejector   Safety
  Extractor   Sear
  Extractor collar   Sear spring
  Firing pin   Sling swivel bottom
  Firing pin spring   Stock
  Floorplate   Stock side swivel
  Floorplate catch   Stock side swivel retainer
  Floorplate catch pin   Stock side swivel screw
  Floorplate catch spring   Stock sling bar
  Follower   Trigger
  Front & lower band spring   Trigger guard
      Trigger /sear pin