Röhm Revolver .22 LR

Onderdelen van Röhm revolver


For the Röhm 22 Revolver Pistol we have several parts available. In the photo above you can see witch ones are. Part s not in the picture are not available.
If you are interested in some parts let us know by using this contact form.
Parts for witch a permit is required can be installed by us if you have the necessary permits and paperwork.

Below you find a  parts list.

nr Description nr Description
  Ball   Hammer
  Barrel   Hammer / trigger screw
  Center pin   Hand assembly
  Cylinder   Hand spring
  Cylinder stop   Kicker
  Cylinder stop spring   Mainspring
  Ejector rod   Mainspring adjusting screw
  Frontsight   Mainspring guide
  Gate   Mainspring guide pin
  Gate pin   Shank screw
  Gate spring   Trigger
  Grip srew   Trigger guard
  Grips   Trigger guard pin