Repairing the speedo meter

The proud owner of this Studebaker has driven the necessary miles. Suddenly he notices that the speedometer is no longer responding.

The speedo cable was checked but the cause was not there. We looked further for the problem until we suddenly noticed that the speedometer needle made strange moves.

To further investigate this, the cluster had to be taken out. A hell of a job. The interior was removed to get under the dashboard.

Once the cluster was out we could open it and it soon became clear what the problem was. The axle where the needle is mounted on was broken.

After measuring this axle we tried to turn another axle ourself. What with my equipment, however, proved impossible. Eventually I found the solution by making a small tub where we could put an axle of another counter in. Of two, we made, as it were, 1 good part.

With this, the problem was repaired and the owner can continue to enjoy his car and keep an eye on speed.