Iver Johnson Single barrel shotgun

For the Iver Johnson Shotgun we have several parts available. In the photo above you can see witch ones are. Part s not in the picture are not available.
If you are interested in some parts let us know by using this contact form.
Parts for witch a permit is required can be installed by us if you have the necessary permits and paperwork.

Below you find a exploded view of the gun and a parts list.



explosie tekening Iver Johnson

Nr Discription Nr Discription
801 Firing pin 825 Trigger pin
802 Firng pin spiral spring 826 Trigger spring
803 Firing pin stop screw 827 Trigger spring screw
804 Guard 828 Combination bolt
805 Guard screw 829A Ejector 12GA
806 Butplate 830 Ejecting extractor
807 Butplate screw 831 Ejector stop pin
808 Stock screw, back 832 Ejector spiral spring
809 Stock washer , back 833 Ejector lever
810 Locking bolt 834 Ejector lever pin
811 Locking bolt pin 835 Ejector lever spring
812 Locking bolt spring 837 Barrel stop stud
813 Locking bolt spring screw 838 Sight
814 Locking bolt connecting rod 839 Forend cap
815 Top snap lever yoke 839A Forend snap plate assembly
816 Top snap lever 840 Forend cap screw
817 Lever yoke screw 841 Forend snap screw
818 Hammer 842 Forend plunger
819 Hammer pin 843 Forend plunger spring
820 Main spiral spring 844 Forend plunger pin
821 Main spiral spring tension adjuster bar   Forend wood
822 Main spiral spring plunger   Stock
823 Main spiral spring plunger pin   Barrel
824 Trigger