Luger P08 Pistol

Luger P08 pistool onderdelen

For the Luger P08 Pistol we have several parts available. In the photo above you can see witch ones are. Part s not in the picture are not available.
If you are interested in some parts let us know by using this contact form.
Parts for witch a permit is required can be installed by us if you have the necessary permits and paperwork.

Below you find a exploded view of the gun and a parts list.



Luger explosie tekening

nr Discription nr Discription
1 Front sight 24 Firing pinspring guide
2 Barrel 25 Frame
3 Receiver 26 Hold-open latch
4 Ejector 27 Hold-open latch spring
5 Receiver axle 28 Magazine catch
6 Trigger bar spring 29 Recoil lever
7 Trigger bar 30 Recoil lever pin
8 Trigger bar plunger pin 31 Mainspring
9 Trigger bar plunger spring 32 Mainspring guide
10 Trigger bar plunger 33 Locking bolt
11 Coupling link 34 Locking bolt spring
12 Coupling link pin 35 Trigger side plate
13 Toggle link 36 Trigger lever pin
14 Toggle axle 37 Trigger lever
15 Toggle axle pin 38 Trigger
16 Forward toggle link 39 Trigger spring
17 Breechblok 40 Magazine catch spring
18 Breechblok pin 41 Safety bar
19 Extractor pin 42 Safety catch
20 Extractor spring 43 Safety pin
21 Extractor 44 Grip
22 Firing pin 45 Grip screw
23 Firing pin spring 46 Magazine