Mauser 66 mounting a scope.


For special guns it is possible to find parts online. If they fit? You never know.

Our customer brought his rifle to us wit an online bought rail and asked me to install it. No holes where drilled in the action and barrel.


We unpacked the rail and laid it on the rifle, everything looked ok. We opened the bolt and noticed a lift of at least 6 mm.

After talking to the customer we decided to make a new one shaped like the one we already had but with a lift of 7 mm.


A round bar of steel was drilled with the diameter of the action. Then all the 4 sides where milled flat in reference to the hole already drilled.

Then all the milling was completed until we have a good looking product that will work. The final peace after completion including bluing was equal in weight ten the original. Enlightening pockets where milled in the peace.


No we could mount everything to the rifle. And a happy customer.